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About .ethme domains

DWebASAP wants to show the HNS and ENS community the power of the 2 combined. Finding .ethme for 115 HNS on Namebase, it was purchased, and staked to Impervious Registry on August 12, 2022.

What is .ethME ?

We are crypto “monsters” (thinking of our childhood cookie monster) and want to gobble up as many crypto tokens as we can try to stuff in our mouths. Think of the monster inside of us saying:

“Eth ME!!!!”

So we know this monster lives inside of all of us – and we want to help satisfy this hunger. 

Each time we, the domain extension smart contract owner of .ethME, click the “release payment” from, we will make this fun.

We will share the earnings to the current domain owners of .ethme.

At the time of clicking the “release payment” button – we will take a snapshot of all current domain owners of our lovely ethme extension on ethereum.

Using a random name picker, we will enter all these domain name holders inside and spin the wheel. It will be recorded and posted on our website, dwebasap.ethme , and the winner will get :

33% of the balance released at that snapshot. The 67% remains in the .ethme TLD registrant wallet for investing in growing the .ethme name and Handshake in general. 

Sound good?

How To Participate?

Easy – Buy 1 (or more!) .ethme domains

We want to make this simple, transparent, and easy for all of us. 

Think of each domain on .ethme as a lottery ticket. The more you have, the more chance you have of having your name picked in our random distribution drawing at each “release payment” event. 

Go to and search a name and buy one of our .ethme domains. 

That is it! It will be tied to your ethereum wallet that you purchased with – and we will send your prize (if you are a lucky winner) – to that address.

The more domains you hold, the more chance to win!