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how can I participate in the lucky eth me drawing?

Easy! Buy and hold a .ethme domain in your ethereum wallet (basically = buy a domain) at 

Can I buy more than 1 domain?

YES! The more .ethme domains you have, the more “lottery tickets” you have, and therefore the higher chance you have to win the booty from the release payment event.

How do I know you’ll really pay?

This is the advantage of blockchain, and Ethereum wallets. Everything is public on chain. You can check how much has been earned and how much has been released and thee current balance at 

We will post on dwebasap.ethme the payout records and you can verify on the transaction hash of the ethereum blockchain.

If we don’t do what we say – you’ll see it – and our credibility will be destroyed and we won’t be able to maintain trust in the .ethme domain registration. So we won’t do it!

The prices of .ethme are not the same for 1L to 5L, is there a difference?

Good question, we kept prices a bit higher for single character and shorter character domains as we see them as rare “NFTs” as in any NFT collection. But 1 domain is 1 lottery ticket – no matter the length. So they are all equal value tickets (chances) of winning the booty payout. Of course, shorter domains normally are more desirable and may have other benefits in future bonuses we do at .ethme

If I sell my .ethme domain, can I still win the lottery?

No, the current owner of the .ethme domains, if they win the lottery, will be the ones to get the ethme payout. This follows most NFT distribution policies, the owner at the time of the snapshot is the one who is eligible.

Are there other benefits of holding .ethme domains?

Yes! It is still an amazing and powerful HNS backed TLD on the ENS domains fork of impervious. You can use this as website and other benefits from the Impervious Registry smart contract.  Also – we plan to do more airdrops, gifts, and other lottery style events on top of this core feature of the “release payment” booty lottery.

Can I win the lottery more than once?

Yes! Each lottery drawing, we enter all the domain names of .ethme into the drawing. It doesn’t matter if you have won, lost, or just registered the name 5 minutes before the snapshot – we treat all .ethme domain names equally. 1 domain name = 1 lottery ticket.

More questions? 

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